“Pictured left to right”Dallas Konecny-Trustee, Mitch Johnson-Director, Scott Hoffman-Trustee, Marci Ansley-Board of Directors Treasurer, Jim Morgan-Director, Tyler Larsen-Board of Directors President, Roger Tomney-Director, Lori Christensen-Director, Lisa Rasmussen-Director, Cathie Critchlow-Board of Directors Vice-President, Ramsey Major-Board of Directors Secretary.

We are a group of volunteer men and women who have experienced the darkness, loss, and misery brought on by addiction in our own lives and the lives of our family and friends. We have also been blessed with the gift of recovery and we are committed to helping others succeed in their journey of recovery. We believe continued support after an inpatient treatment program is necessary for persons in long-term recovery. At Keystone Recovery Center we will provide the support necessary for alcoholics and addicts to acclimate back into the community.

Our Board

Trustee:   Scott Hoffman
Trustee:   Dallas Konecny
President:  Tyler Larsen
Vice President: Jim Morgan
Treasurer:  Lori Christensen
Secretary:  Ramsey Major
Board Members:   
Lori Christensen
Shelley Fronk
Marci Ansley
Manager Dan Wood

Our Mission:

“To provide facilities and services for our community that positively addresses the needs of Alcoholics and Addicts and their families. We will deliver 12-step recovery-based solutions for the challenges of modern-day health and living through an integrated approach that involves spirit, body, and mind.”