We are a group of 12 step volunteers providing a safe, sober, learning and Spiritual environment for sober men to live, grow, and thrive while practicing the Principles found in the 12-step program and other forms of recovery.

You are special to us, our 12-step community, and your Creator. We want to do all we can to help you on your road to a healthier life, free from drugs and alcohol and based on living the principles taught in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and in many other Spiritual books.

The policies and procedures in this booklet are to help you in your recovery. They are intended to maintain a clean, comfortable and safe environment for you as well as the other residents, volunteers, and staff.



1. Residents are to always strive to conduct themselves in a manner that is congruent with the Spiritual Principles of the 12-Steps. Honesty, hope, faith, courage, integrity, willingness, humility, brotherly love, justice, perseverance, spirituality and service are the character traits we strive for.
2. Residents are not to use or be in possession of any type of illegal drugs, certain prescribed drugs, and/or alcohol at any time. Approved prescription medications are kept in a locked area and are overseen by live-in managers. At any time, violations will result in immediate removal from the facility.
3. Residents are never to be in possession of any Illegal, offensive, suggestive or pornographic material or items, or clothing or jewelry that promotes drug or alcohol use.
4. Residents are not to use profanity or language that is inconsistent with a Spiritual/family environment.
5. Residents are not to enter into any new romantic relationships and are not to “date” or be involved with any other residents of Keystone Recovery Center.
6. Residents will dress in a manner that reflects the highest standard of self-respect and modesty, hygiene, and grooming.
7. Residents will not engage in any sexual, sexually suggestive/ harassing behaviors at Keystone Recovery Center.
8. There will be no cliquish, aggression, violence, posturing, gesturing, threats, or intimidating behaviors at any time. People in recovery are all-inclusive. We are our Brother and Sister’s keepers.
9. Residents will seek to develop healthy interpersonal skills that promote conflict resolution as well as foster a safe kind environment for all.
10. Residents will not borrow or share any items including money, clothing, cigarettes, etc. or enter another resident’s drawers, closet space, room, etc.

Mandatory Program Requirements & Activities

Coming together to work 12 steps

1. Residents will be assigned a Keystone Program “Tracker” they must meet with once per week. Your Tracker will go over phases, requirements, and privileges.
2. Residents are required to have an active 12-step sponsor they meet with a minimum of once per week. Sponsors must sign a form to be turned in to your tracker.
3. Residents are required to commit to living and completing the program at Keystone Recovery Center a minimum of 6 months in order to participate in a Transition Ceremony.
4. Residents must attend a minimum of three 12-step meetings per week. One must be a home group and one must be a Big Book Study. Residents should not be late or leave meetings early and should participate. One meeting should be at Keystone Recovery Center. Morning meditation does not count.
5. Everyone must participate and volunteer in all fundraising activities to set up and clean up.
6. Everyone is required to have a weekly service commitment which must be reported to your tracker.
7. All residents must attend morning meditation & discussion unless it conflicts with school or work. See House Manager.
8. Residents must maintain employment and/or education while living at Keystone Recovery Center. Residents should meet with a job counselor and/or a school advisor.
9. Rent is $100 per week and should always be paid two weeks in advance.
10. Residents must meet with Weber County Peer to Peer Counselor twice per month.
11. Residents should seek out Spiritual Studies weekly. Find a Spiritual situation or activity that you connect with. The resident’s goal should be to establish a strong connection with a Spiritual situation before leaving Keystone Recovery Center and increase their support network.
12. Chore charts will be posted weekly. The resident must meet the chore requirements. Chores are monitored by live-in managers. Everyone must clean up after themselves immediately.
13. Residents must participate in Holistic options a minimum of two hours per week.
14. Residents must sign in and out and be accountable for their time.
15. Family and family time are important. Visiting and safe visits are encouraged. Please work with managers to set these up.
16. Overnight visits away from Keystone Recovery Center can be granted with the approval of Managers and the Board of Directors and must be requested at least one week in advance.
17. All residents, volunteers, sponsors, and anyone else on the premises are subject to random urinalysis and breathalyzer tests.
18. Residents are required to attend weekly house meetings. See posted calendars.
19. We must strive to Progress in our 12 Principals and be consistently improving our Spiritual connection, our physical and mental health, and our relationships with each other and our families.

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